The Irish farm art Podcast

Hello beautiful people!

This week has marked a small but quite important milestone in my artist and content creator 'career': we got our 20th episode of the Irish Farm Art Podcast.

It's been a bit of a roller-coaster since I started filming and sharing on YouTube: a lot to learn and to put into practice: from technology, camera settings, recording and editing audio files, picture editing, lighting, creating scripts and curating contents, engaging with the YouTube algorithm, and a lot of other boring things. All of the effort has always had a sweet underlying side. I love sharing my art and I love hearing the feedback from those who decided to follow my adventure around social media.

Enough with the blattering, let's get into this week's episode. The 20th instalment of the Irish Farm Art Podcast is all around my art studio.

As you may know by now, my art studio is a tiny little spare room in my home, originally born as a guest bedroom, but slowly turned into the black hole that is my art studio.

Blackhole indeed, as I am by nature a very messy person, both inside and outside.

Over the months I kept dumping stuff (art materials, finished and unfinished paintings, craft materials, yarns, fabrics, tubes of paint, jars of varnish etc.) into that little room, caught by art flows, or sometimes art desperations...and a bit of art supplies shopping mania. I found myself avoiding that room to make art, preferring to work from other spaces.

That defeats the purpose of an art studio, right?

I thought a lot about what was making me to move my easel from the studio into the living room, and for a long time I could only see the lack of decorations, the cold in the room, or the extreme heat during summer, or again the lack of a television or a radio (yes, I like to paint with some background noise). But that wasn't it! The point was that it was messy, and my brain, although messy, it doesn't function well in a messy environment. So, I decided to get a grip on it and finally get it tidy and cozy. With my Marie Kondo mojo of 'does that spark joy?' I embraced this adventure of getting rid of a million euro worth of art materials (that have been donated to the local primary school since), and organize the studio into a cozy and well tidy space.

It isn't by any stretch of the imagination a 'beautiful' studio, like the once you see on Instagram, but that will come in time with decor and is though very cozy, and tidy. Hopefully it will make my art process a little bit more streamlined and overall more productive.

Hope you enjoy the process, and let me know what you think, or if you have any tips for keeping your studio nice and tidy.