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I am Samuele, an  artist  based  in Dublin Ireland, sharing  my  love for  animals  and  nature through unique original  art  whilst  on  a mission to  spread  positive environmental awareness.


Sam is one of Ireland's emerging contemporary artists. His artistic career began in music. He graduated in Piano and Composition from the Conservatory of Music of Venice, Italy, however the urge to paint took over and he has been painting for over five years.

Among his many achievements are being featured in The Irish Farmers Journal, the Irish Independent, Totally Dublin Magazine, and other fashion and lifestyle outlets, in Ireland and Internationally.

Sam has exhibited in Ireland, Switzerland, and Italy. 

Sam’s bold style and eclectic use of colour make his work instantly recognisable. His passion for farming and the Irish countryside is perceived through his work, which wants to showcase the beauty of nature and its fragility with a constant reminder of the importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness. 

My Work


Landscape Paintings

Samuele's portfolio boasts of stunningly beautiful paintings of the Irish landscapes that capture its essence, beauty, and serenity. Each painting is a masterpiece that reflects the artist's love for nature and its elements.

Portrait Paintings

IrishFarmArt's portfolio showcases the artist's ability to capture the soul and personality of an individual in their portrait paintings. Each painting is unique and personal, telling a story through the strokes of the brush.

Other Works

Samuele's passion and deep love for Ireland has brought him to experiment in portraying the beauty of the Irish culture through painting the country life and inspiring ancient traditions.

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